• Janice Lynne

Love Over Fear - It's Your Choice

Earlier this week I had been guided to do a service, not only for my friends and family, but for the world as a whole. I work in the metaphysical realm of vibration and energy. During this recent meditative transmission for health, peace and love, many messages came through. This is merely one, and in my opinion, the most important. The COVID19 panic has gripped so many of us in fear. What most have forgotten is the love we all share, which can elevate us beyond that anxiety. On a basic level, there are those in Assisi singing out the windows to each other during this time of social distancing. And lovely young women passing out flyers door-to-door with their contact information for anyone to call when in need of emotional support. And I am sure there are countless other stories of compassion carried out by straightforward, modest people across the globe. We may have to distance, but we do not have to isolate. This is exactly the point. At a time when media wishes to keep us focused on fear, we, as humanity, are beginning to focus on community. There is suddenly time to retreat from our schedules and to-do lists, extensive as they may have been, and move into simpler and more cohesive living. That includes getting back to family values, reconnecting with friends who we've meant to call, and simply remembering who we are as a species. We are all one. We each have the same basic needs, love being the most scarce, yet the most exquisite. Sadly, in the world as it was, we were too busy with this thing or another to truly reach out in human connection. 

This pause in our world allows us to now focus on ourselves, our family and friends we have made along the way. We are finally realizing the importance of heart connections, not merely Facebook Likes. (How many of those people you have listed as friends do you know. I mean REALLY know?) We have been so busy trying to soothe ourselves with quantity instead of quality. Some of us may honestly know and interact with a hundred friends, while others are comfortable in a small circle of seven. The numbers don’t matter. What is beginning to emerge in our consciousness is that it is the heart connection which matters. It is the emotional ties that keep us unified.

So, in these days of physical isolation and lockdown, we are reminded to reach out and touch each others’ hearts and souls. We are prompted to rekindle our essential emotional bond, one to another. We are being thrown back to a similar lifestyle lived before multi-tasking, and the frenzy of having to do it all, and have it all. We are learning to simplify in a way we have never before experienced. Although many books and articles of late have prompted us to minimize, we have not truly taken this step.

This is our test. This is our chance. 

We are being asked to become human again. We are being asked to withdraw from the worldliness and to realize our connectedness, as a neighborhood, as a county, a region, a nation, and as a global community. 

We are resilient beings. Together our strength is indestructible. Somewhere along the line, I believe we have swept this truth under the rug. Now is our time to come out from behind our plugged-in personas and live as we were meant to live.

We are compassionate beings. Without understanding, mercy and love, we lose our innate humanity. In my mind, it is time to take back the mantle of our humanness and wear it proudly, as strong people who can withstand the onslaught of words bandied about by media, and who can see the world and its inhabitants as more than the foreigner next door. It is well past time to walk beyond our preconceived notions and discriminations, and to reunite as the global community we claim to be. We are in this together. We are all we’ve got. Let’s do this…in the spirit of The Oneness which we genuinely are.



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