• Janice Lynne

Fear not! This is only the beginning...

Updated: Mar 27

I love working with energy...and animals...and people. It’s truly my passion. And it’s done with ease..without a second thought. I've had the outline and basics for this website for years and yet, sit frozen at the keyboard…afraid of the words which will go out into infinity…irrevocably and permanently. Seems a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? I hear creative types sometimes react in this way.

Basically, I’m here to tell you Life Is Beautiful. Not always peaches and cream, but perfectly, superbly and flawlessly beautiful. I’ve been through crazy, etherial highs and deep, wallowing lows; events, circumstances, and struggles I could never conceive; yet also triumphs that have made my heart soar higher than I ever imagined. I’ve not only lived through it, I’ve thrived. The processes are not usually pretty. 

Over time I will certainly look back and laugh at how simple or silly this first posting appears. But, I'm being told the time is now. This has got to happen. Stepping through the big fear, huge doubt…and much self-criticism, I present you with a brand new blog.

Whether you are going through similar situations or not, I promise if you will stick with me on this journey I’ll spin a tale of a life metamorphosing into wisdom.

My hope is to help others along their path through tales and stories of missteps and mistakes throughout the years. I am here to assist. I am here to be of service.

Thank you for Joining Together on this Amazing Journey.



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